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Becoming a member of the Dutch Aluminium Association

Is your company active in the production chain of companies who produce, trade or process aluminium or one of their specific suppliers?

The DAA offers several kinds of membership; an ordinary membership, an extraordinary membership and an associate membership. An ordinary or extraordinary member pays an annual membership fee which is related to the number of people that contribute to the turnover of the business in aluminium. The membership fee is determined annually at the members’ meeting. Your membership will start after your membership application has been approved by the DAA board.

Ordinary membership

Your company is a producer, trader or processor of aluminium, or you engineer products with aluminium as material, and your company is already a member of the Koninklijke Metaalunie.

Extraordinary membership

See ‘ Ordinary membership’, only your company is not a member of Koninklijke Metaalunie. You do meet their membership criteria and are already a member of another general employer’s organization in the metalworking industry.

Associate membership

As an associate member, your company is registered in the Trade register and you are a member of the Koninklijke Metaalunie or another general employer’s organization in the metalworking industry.

Yes, I want to become a member

Click the “ Download application form” button and you will find the application form to become a member of the DAA. Upon receipt, your application will be processed as soon as possible. We will contact you if we have any additional questions.

I have a question

Your application will be assessed by the DAA board. Once your application has been approved, you will be granted membership.


Contact the DAA

Sector manager Jeroen de Roos will respond to your questions as soon as possible.

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