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Dutch Alluminium Association

About the Dutch Aluminium Association

The Dutch Aluminium Association (DAA) was established on 1 April 2020 at the Koninklijke Metaalunie. As a trade association, we represent the collective interests of companies who produce, trade and process aluminium and their specific suppliers. We also have several objectives that contribute to a stronger position within the metalworking sector.

Our mission

Looking after the interests of the aluminium industry in collaboration with its members

Our vision

The DAA stimulates the use and knowledge development of aluminium as the metal of the future.

Knowledge and awareness

We want to increase the level of knowledge about aluminium within the metalworking sector and create awareness about the possibilities of aluminium.

Create demand

The DAA wants to create more demand for aluminium products. We are seeking to increase demand both within existing markets, as well as in new markets.

Promotion of inflow

We are developing a variety of initiatives in order to increase the inflow of employees in the aluminium industry.


We continuously create more cohesion at all levels, both within the DAA and within the entire industry.

Under the auspices of the Koninklijke Metaalunie, the DAA aims to maintain strong ties at European level. We can offer companies the opportunity to broaden and enhance their knowledge internally. The strong and wide network in the Netherlands will ensure that we find each other more easily for joint initiatives.

Do you believe, as we do, in the strength of the DAA? Join us and register now! More information about the possibilities can be found on this page.


Contact us

Sector manager Jeroen de Roos is the contact person for the DAA on behalf of Koninklijke Metaalunie. He will answer your questions as soon as possible.


Member overview

All affiliated companies at a glance.

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