Branchegroep voor het metaal van de toekomst

Dutch Alluminium Association


Dutch Aluminium Association, pleased to meet you

The branche association for all aluminum producing, trading and processing companies in the Netherlands.

DAA member companies are specialized within the aluminum industry. Besides that there are partnerships with leading national and international organizations. It is our mission statement to represent the interests of the aluminum industry in collaboration with all our members.



The added value of DAA for the aluminum industry


DAA helps its members in a variety of areas, both nationally and internationally

Stimulate demand

DAA stimulates the demand for aluminum products within existing and new market segments

Promote aluminum

Aluminum is the metal of the future: its strong properties deserve a spotlight.


For companies in the aluminum-producing, trading or processing industry, various forms of membership are possible within DAA


  • Membership
  • Extraordinary membership
  • Associated membership


Why become a member of DAA?

DAA organizes a variety of activities in which knowledge sharing is a key issue. Besides that, we also organize several networking events, DAA members have free access to all DAA events, and more! Check out our event calendar for the scheduled activities.

As DAA we operate under the auspices of Koninklijke Metaalunie. This offers a range of additional benefits. For example: we are supported by a well serviced and organized office and a pro active sectormanager.

Discover the companies who have already taken part. or read more about the DAA membership

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